The Scott's welcome you to Heather Ridge and our

2007 Christmas Wonderland

As we did last year, we will show you the constuction of this year's display.

Be sure to check back often for the updates as they are posted.

Once the display is complete, we will take you on a tour of our little town.

Thank you for letting us share this with you.

As always, we dedicate our display to someone special. This year is no

different. Please click the following link to view this dedication.

Click Here for The Dedication Page

The short history of our display:

In 1989 a tradition started with the Scott Family.

Hosting of a Christmas Event that would bring back memories of

times past and Celebrate the True Meaning of Christmas....

the Birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Each year during the Christmas Season we opened our home

to hundreds of family, friends, businesses associates and total strangers.

Why did they come? To see a Christmas Display that takes them into a

fantasy miniature town where all is peaceful and happiness abounds.

A place where Christ is still the True Reason for the Season!

Take a journey with us to this small town and visit the many churches,

stores, homes and recreation areas.

See why hundreds have visited our small community over the years.

Be sure to watch our videos of the display for this year.

To see Videos visit our VIDEO PAGE

All our buildings and the majority of our accessory pieces are made by

Click Here to Visit the Department 56 Website

Trains provided by Drew McLaughlin (Our Grandson)

We would also like to thank Clark Harder of Michigan for his

generosity. Our Smokey Mountain Retreat smoke unit stopped working.

Clark had an extra which he sent to us in time for our open house.

We sincerely wish him the best this Christmas Season!

As you can see, the chimney now has smoke again.

Construction Pages

Page 1 of Construction

Page 2 of Construction

Page 3 of Construction

Page 4 of Construction

Page 5 of Construction

Page 6 of Construction

Page 7 of Construction

Page 8 & 8a of Construction

Page 9 of Construction

Page 10 of Construction

Page 11 of Construction

Page 12 of Construction

Page 13 of Construction

Page 14 ....Completion


Page 15....Overall Photos of Display


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